DIY or call in the experts?

At some time or another, most everyone will have trouble with a lock or lock system. It might be a busy morning on the way to work, you stop for a cup of coffee and lock the keys in your car. Perhaps you’ve purchased a home, and would like to have the locks changed to a key that only YOU hold. That key hanging in the desk drawer gets bumped by your chair and breaks off in the lock, maybe you’ve made some personnel changes at work, and you need to make sure an ex-employee won’t be coming back after hours. I could go on and on with examples of lock related issues and solutions to increase your security. Some situations can be handled on your own, but here are a few reasons to hire a certified locksmith.


  1. Speed of service. Certified lock professionals have likely encountered whatever issue you are having multiple times. They have the professional equipment to service multiple lock systems. They understand the mechanics of a lock, the areas that fail most often, and vulnerabilities of a lock. Knowledge of a locks weak points can be useful in several ways, to defeat that document safe that you’ve lost the key for, or preventing a thief from breaking into a storage area. A trained locksmith can recommend and install the right product, in a timely manner.
  2. A Certified Lock pro is bonded and insured. This offers you protection agianst any damage to a window, door or lock that may occur in the process of completing the job. Hiring a bonded and insured locksmith also indicates that you are using a reputable professional that cares about their work, and has your best interest in mind.
  3. They are highly trained and screened. A reputable locksmith must maintain good standing with their local law enforcement. A certified, professional locksmith will be permitted through their local police department, or licensed in their state (where available). This indicates that they have passed state and federal background checks. Most locksmiths that you see listed for $19 or $29 are not licensed, and will likely cost more in the longrun than a certified, bonded, and insured locksmith.
  4. Quality Service. A trained professional will be able to offer helpful security tips for your home or business. From residential to commercial properties, file cabinets to exit devices, a reliable technician from Certified Lock & Security can handle your situation.


So when can you take things into your own hands, and save a few bucks? There are some products that can be easily serviced. Maybe the bedroom knob is loose, and just needs tightened or the gate latch doesn’t quite line up and needs to be adjusted. For some issues it simply depends on your personal skill level, confidence, and how much time you’re willing to spend on your project. For many other lock needs, its best to put away the tool box and first aid kit and pick up the phone.